Lost AirTag Found in 30 Minutes During The Test

Lost AirTag Found in 30 Minutes During The Test

Employees from TechRadar decided to check how efficiently AirTags are working, and how quickly they can find an accessory after being lost. For comparison, enthusiasts also tested the Tile Mate, which is considered one of the best Bluetooth trackers out there.

The journalists deliberately left AirTag and Tile Mate out of the reach of a smartphone and calculated how long it would take for each of them to be discovered by other users.

Employees placed them behind a road sign on a busy street about one mile from their home, then marked both accessories as lost and waited. After 30 minutes, they received a notification that their lost AirTag had been identified by a passer-by from an iPhone.

The alert has received a total of 13 times from passing iPhone users. But each time the location deviated slightly. But to find Tile for the first time, I had to wait 12 hours.

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